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2012 - 2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012 - 2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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 Graduate Housing

The College of William and Mary offers a limited number of apartment spaces for graduate students in The Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Residences (referred to as the Graduate Complex), www.wm.edu/offices/residencelife/oncampus/residencehalls/graduate/index.php. These spaces are only available to single graduate students without children in two, three and four bedroom apartments. The 2012-2013 semester rates are projected to be $3035 for a two-bedroom apartment and $2985 for a triple or quad apartment. Payment arrangements can be made on a per semester or payment plan basis (semester payments can be broken down into four payments per semester). Students who are engaged in courses or research throughout the summer may request housing arrangements through the Residence Life Office. Consideration for graduate housing is contingent on submission of an online housing application. Upon acceptance to a graduate program you may submit an application online. Hard copies may also be submitted and will be date stamped once received in Residence Life. Housing will then be offered on a first come first served basis beginning in the month of May until all the allotted spaces for the various graduate schools have been filled.

Once a housing assignment has been offered and accepted by you, a housing agreement will be mailed to you. This is a legally binding agreement for the full academic year. A $200 Room Reservation Deposit will be required to reserve the offered room space. This deposit will be applied to your first semester’s rent. In addition, a separate check for a $75 Room Damage Deposit is required. This deposit will be refunded to you upon leaving college housing provided there are no damages to the premises and the student’s college account is current. NOTE: Failure to pick up a key will NOT release you from your signed housing agreement. Students who leave college housing for any reason, but continue to be enrolled, will NOT be eligible for a refund of their rent charge.

Roommates & Off-campus Housing

The College maintains an Off-Campus Housing Listing Service which provides a web site for individuals who want information and for those who are seeking or providing housing www.wm.edu/offices/residencelife/links/offcampushousing/index.php. Through this web site you may find available off-campus housing or other students looking for a roommate to share an off-campus apartment, etc. Information may also be available for new graduate students through their departments for housing possibilities, including opportunities to share accommodations with other graduate students.

Dining Services

William and Mary Dining Services provides a comprehensive dining program featuring a variety of meal plan options to meet the needs of each student. For detailed information, please see www.wm.edu/offices/auxiliary/dining/index.php.

The College of William & Mary Bookstore

Located on Merchants Square in Colonial Williamsburg, The College of William & Mary Bookstore, by Barnes & Noble, offers both new and used textbooks, as well as over 125,000 general book titles, school and dorm supplies, and William & Mary clothing and gifts. New and used textbooks can be sold back to the store through the buyback program and the Bookstore is also the source for official class rings, graduation regalia and announcements. Students can enjoy a 20% discount on all William & Mary clothing every day with a valid student ID. For more information, call the Bookstore at (757) 253-4900, or visit our web site at http://wm.bkstore.com/.

William and Mary Express Account - 221-2105

ID Office, Campus Center 169
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
E-mail: idoffice@wm.edu
Web site: www.wm.edu/offices/auxiliary/wmexpress/index.php
Online deposits: www.wm.edu/offices/auxiliary/wmexpress/deposit/index.php

The William and Mary Express Account is a debit account linked to every student’s ID card. When deposits are made to the account, students can use their ID cards to purchase a variety of goods and services on campus and off-campus. The ID Office reserves the right to make changes to the rules and regulations for use of the William and Mary Express Account. Should there be any changes, advanced notification will be given to the users of the Express Account.

Student ID Cards - 221-2105

ID Office, Campus Center 169
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
E-mail: idoffice@wm.edu
Web site: www.wm.edu/offices/auxiliary/idoffice/index.php

The William and Mary student identification card is the College’s official form of identification prepared by the ID Office for each student. It functions as a campus meal card, a library card, a door access card to residence halls, recreational facilities and academic buildings, and a bus pass for all Williamsburg Area Transit busses.

Student ID cards are not transferable and are intended for the sole use of the student to whom it is issued. An ID card used by anyone other than its owner may be confiscated and the person using the ID may be subject to disciplinary action. Because cards provide access to secured buildings and financial accounts, lost cards should be reported immediately to the ID Office during business hours, and to Campus Police evenings and weekends. These offices can issue temporary replacement cards at no charge to allow students time to search for misplaced ID’s without losing access to accounts and buildings. This process also ensures that misplaced cards cannot be used by others. Temporary replacement cards must be returned to re-activate a new or found ID card. There is a $20 charge for lost, damaged or temporary cards not returned. If an ID card has been stolen and a police report has been filed, the replacement charge is $5.00.

Parking Regulations

All motor vehicles operated or parked on College property, including motorcycles, motorbikes and vehicles with Handicapped plates or hang tags, must be registered with Parking Services. A registration decal is required to park on campus at all times, from Monday at 7:30 a.m. until Friday at 5:00 p.m., except in metered spaces as posted. Vehicle registration cards or copies must be presented to purchase a parking decal. The Parking Services office is located at 201 Ukrop Way, and is open Monday-Friday, 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m. For more information, call 221-4764, email parked@wm.edu, or visit our web site at www.wm.edu/parking/.

Campus Police Department - 221-4596 (emergency dial 911)

Campus Police Station 24 hours a day, seven days a week www.wm.edu/offices/police/index.php
The College of William and Mary Police Department is a State of Virginia accredited police department providing comprehensive police services to the university community. The staff of the Department is committed to the creation and maintenance of an environment conducive to the education mission of the College. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Rights and Student Organizations

The Statement of Rights and Responsibilities was approved by the College community-faculty, students, and administration and adopted by the Board of Visitors in 1973. It elaborates in the context of the College environment the rights and responsibilities of all citizens of the state and nation. The text of the Statement may be found in the Student Handbook.

The Honor System is one of the College’s most treasured traditions. Every student at the College is bound by its tenets, which are at the basis of all scholarship. The Graduate Student Association administers the system for graduate students in Arts and Sciences. The principles of the Honor System and the method of administration are described in the Student Handbook.

The Student Handbook contains the text of the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, a description of the Honor System, an explanation of other regulations bearing on graduate student life and of the procedures by which these are administered, and information on student government. The Student Handbook is available on the “Know Your Rights and Responsibilities” section of the myWM student home page. Limited copies also are available upon request at the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.

The Graduate Student Association is a voluntary organization open to all graduate and unclassified (post-baccalaureate) students enrolled in Arts and Sciences. To participate, students must be registered at the College with part-time, full-time or continuous enrollment status. The purpose of the Association is to advance the academic and social interests of its members. Members of the Graduate Student Association Council are elected at meetings of students in each department at the beginning of the fall semester.

Student government at William and Mary is vested in the Student Assembly. The Assembly provides a voice for both graduate and undergraduate student opinion and a means through which students participate in the growth of a strong community. It has four basic objectives: (1) to provide a voice for student opinion, (2) to educate and inform the student body, (3) to fairly and equitably allocate the student activity fee, and (4) to provide cultural and social programming and student services. In particular, the Graduate Council of the Student Assembly represents the unique interests of graduate students in all five graduate schools at the College. The president and vice president of each school’s graduate association serve as members of the Graduate Council of the Student Assembly.

Athletics and Recreation Sport Activities

The College provides fourteen tennis courts, jogging trails, an exercise trail and numerous other playing fields.

The College’s newly renovated recreational facility includes an 8-lane pool, rock-climbing wall, 3-court gymnasium, fitness room, free weight room, and various courts which can be used for racquetball or squash (www.wm.edu/offices/recsports/reccenter/index.php)

Intramurals are separated into co-educational, men’s and women’s divisions for most activities. Intramural Play is held for each of over 30 sports/activities during the year, including basketball, volleyball, softball, floor hockey, flag football, soccer, kickball, tennis, racquetball, and several races to name a few. Fitness classes are available for a minimal cost. A few examples of those classes are aerobics, boot camp, yoga, kickboxing, floor/ bar and spinning. There are also 44 sport clubs most of which are available to graduate students. For more information on Recreational Sports please go to the web site at www.wm.edu/recsports/. Cary Field at Zable Stadium (seating capacity 15,000) provides a stadium for intercollegiate football and track. Busch Stadium provides a facility (seating capacity of 2,500) with artificial turf and lights and a grass practice field. Soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey teams compete in this facility. The McCormack-Nagelsen Indoor Tennis Center, located beside the School of Law, houses six additional tennis courts. The baseball team uses Plumeri Park (seating capacity 1,000), a lighted baseball stadium, for its games. William and Mary Hall has an indoor seating capacity of 10,000 for basketball. There are auxiliary areas for aerobic exercise, gymnastics, and adapted sports, plus a modern, fully equipped training room and strength and conditioning center for intercollegiate athletics.

Graduate students who pay the full tuition and general fee are admitted to all athletic contests by presenting their ID cards.