Jun 20, 2018  
2013 - 2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013 - 2014 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SMS: Undergraduate Program

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An undergraduate minor in marine science (18 credit hours) is jointly offered and administered by the School of Marine Science and Arts & Sciences (main campus). The minor provides interested students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the marine sciences that supplements the strong education they receive in a disciplinary science major. Courses are offered both at the VIMS Gloucester Point campus and the main campus. The undergraduate minor in marine science addresses the growing national demand for undergraduate education in the earth and environmental sciences in general, and in the marine sciences specifically.

Advanced undergraduates (juniors and seniors) who receive permission of the instructor may also participate in some SMS graduate level courses. For instance, biology, chemistry, and physics majors may enroll in suitable 500-level marine science courses for credit towards the bachelor's degree and to fulfill the  requirements of the undergraduate minor in marine science provided certain conditions are met (see College of William and Mary Undergraduate Program Catalog for more details). Undergraduates also may enroll for credit to conduct research projects in marine science. The student is responsible for making the necessary arrangements with an individual School of Marine Science faculty member, and the consent of the chairperson of the student's major department is also required.