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2014 - 2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014 - 2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Calendar 2014-2015


2014 Fall Semester

  AUGUST 22-26 Orientation Period (Friday-Tuesday)
  AUGUST 27 Beginning of Undergraduate Classes (Wednesday)
  AUGUST 27 Beginning of Add/Drop Period (Wednesday)
  AUGUST 27 Opening Convocation (Wednesday)
  SEPTEMBER 5 Last Day for Add/Drop (Friday)
  SEPTEMBER 19-21 Family Weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  OCTOBER 11-14 Fall Break (Saturday-Tuesday)
  OCTOBER 17-19 Homecoming (Thursday-Sunday)
  NOVEMBER 26-30 Thanksgiving Holiday (Wednesday-Sunday)
  DECEMBER 5 End of Undergraduate Classes (Friday)
  DECEMBER 6-7 Reading Period (Saturday-Sunday)
  DECEMBER 8-12 Examinations (Monday-Friday)
  DECEMBER 13-14 Reading Period (Saturday-Sunday)
  DECEMBER 15-17 Examinations (Monday-Wednesday)

2015 Spring Semester

  JANUARY 16-20 Orientation Period (Friday-Tuesday)
  JANUARY 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday–No Classes (Monday)
  JANUARY 21 Beginning of Undergraduate Classes (Wednesday)
  JANUARY 21 Beginning of Add/Drop Period (Wednesday)
  JANUARY 30 Last Day for Add/Drop (Friday)
  FEBRUARY 6 Charter Day (Friday)
  MARCH 7-15 Spring Break (Saturday-Sunday)
  MAY 1 End of Undergraduate Classes (Friday)
  MAY 2-3 Reading Period (Saturday-Sunday)
  MAY 4-8 Examinations (Monday-Friday)
  MAY 9-10 Reading Period (Saturday-Sunday)
  MAY 11-13 Examinations (Monday-Wednesday)
  MAY 16 Commencement (Sunday)

2015 Summer Sessions

  JUNE 1 Beginning of Session I (Monday)
  JULY 3 End of Session I (Friday)
  JULY 6 Beginning of Session II (Monday)
  AUGUST 7 End of Session II (Friday)

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