Oct 31, 2020  
2012 - 2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012 - 2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LAW 788 - Appellate & Supr Ct Clinic I

This clinic will introduce eight students to appellate practice in the federal Courts of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Students will work as a team to identify cases suitable for the clinic and then work as pairs to prepare appellate briefs in cases involving the First and Fourth Amendments. In Clinic matters, students will prepare briefs on the merits, amicus briefs, petitions for rehearing or certiorari, appendices, and other appellate filings. For cases in the federal court of appeals, students will present oral argument when the court allows. Classes will meet every week for general instruction on appellate practice and to discuss draft briefs, petitions, and issues that have arisen in the Clinic’s cases. Students will be graded based on the quality of their written product, and when appropriate, oral argument, as well as their level of effort and participation in preparing ancillary appellate materials such as appendices and filing documents. Students will interview for admission into the Clinic, and there will be a preference for students who have taken Federal Courts and Advanced Brief Writing, though neither is a prerequisite. Graded course. Appellate and Supreme Court Clinic II will be offered in the spring semester for those who choose to enroll and have successfully completed Appellate and Supreme Court Clinic I. Participation in this clinic is by application and selection by the professor. To apply, send your resume, transcript and writing sample electronically to Professor Breckenridge at TBreckenridge@reedsmith.com byJuly 22nd; interview by Skype or in person will be held the first week of August, and invitations to enroll extended by August 13th. Please note that preference will be given to those students who intend to take Appellate Clinic II, to be offered in the spring as a three credit graded course, following successful completion of Appellate Clinic I. Clinic is limited to 3Ls and has an enrollment cap of 8 students.