Aug 20, 2018  
2013 - 2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013 - 2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GRMN 150W - Freshman Seminar

Fall (4) Staff

Intended for freshmen who wish to satisfy the freshman writing requirement with the exploration of a specific topic in literary or cultural studies.

Topic for Fall

Responses to the Holocaust

This freshman seminar deals with the philosophical and, in particular, ethical implications of responses to the Nazi Genocide of the European Jews from the perspective of various disciplines, institutions, and media, including, but not restricted to: literature, literary criticism, literary theory, history, sociology, psychoanalysis, film, philosophy, religious studies, art, memorials and monuments, and law. As such, it is intended as an interdisciplinary and intertextual, critical examination of the conditions and limitations of representations and interpretations of the Shoah. Authors to be read include: Agamben, Arendt, Adorno, Habermas, Friedlaender, Levinas, Ozick, Bauman, Celan, Sachs, Levi, Lyotard and Spiegelman. We shall also screen Ophüls’ Hotel Terminus, Resnais’ Night and Fog, Holland's Europa, Europa, Spielberg’s Schindler's List, Nelson’s The Grey Zone, Mazursky’s Enemies, A Love Story, Benigni’s Life is Beautiful and excerpts from Lanzmann’s Shoah.