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2014 - 2015 Graduate Catalog 
2014 - 2015 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Center Programs and (GIS) post-baccalaureate certificate program

Graduate Center Programs

The mission of the Graduate Center is to support and promote the culture of advanced study at the College of William and Mary. Through workshops, seminars, and short courses, the Graduate Center provides students with opportunities to develop the professional skills needed to take charge of their own careers. Student participation in Graduate Center programs is voluntary.

The topics and times of workshops and seminars vary each semester. An updated list of workshops and seminars can be found at http://www.wm.edu/as/graduate/graduatecenter/courses/index.php. The Graduate Center’s short courses typically meet for 1.5-2 hours of instruction each week in the late afternoon or early evening to avoid scheduling conflicts with students’ traditional disciplinary courses. These College courses (COLL) are open to all William and Mary graduate students. These courses are zero credit, and are offered at no cost to the student or home department in Graduate Arts and Sciences. The Graduate Center’s College courses are listed below. All COLL courses may be repeated.


Geographic Information System (GIS) post-baccalaureate certificate program

The William & Mary Postbaccalaureate Geographic Information Science (GIS) certificate brings the high-quality research focused education of William and Mary to the Washington DC area. The program is targeted at working professionals in the DC area who utilize, or plan to utilize, GIS in their employment. The program offers 11 credit hours of graduate level GIS instruction that results in a Postbaccalaureate certification.

The focus of the program is to bring the full capability of Geographic Information Science to decision makers in DC including those in governmental organizations. In keeping with the William and Mary tradition, courses are taught in a small group setting with a focus on faculty student mentoring and contact. Although some course material is online, the majority of the courses are conducted face-to-face in the William and Mary Office in DC located in the
heart of DC at 1779 Massachusetts Ave, NW - Suite 810. The program has a focus on analytical cartography and spatial analyses with a particular emphasis on policy relevant international databases such as the AidData international aid database and the social conflict in Africa database. The program builds on the applied component of current degree programs in Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Science and Policy, Geology, Government, International Relations, Public Policy, and Sociology.

Requirements for Certificate

Required credit hours: 11
Core Requirements:
1. GIS 501, 502 Fundamentals of GIS (4 credits)
2. GIS 510, 511 Geospatial Pattern Analysis and Visualization (4 credits)
3. GIS 550 Independent Research in GIS (3 credits)