Sep 21, 2021  
2017 - 2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017 - 2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Law Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Alces, Peter A., Rita Anne Rollins Professor of Law and Cabell Research Professor of Law

Andrews, Elizabeth A., Professor of the Practice and Director, Virginia Coastal Policy Center

Barzilay, Judith, Professor of Practice in International Trade Law

Bellin, Jeffrey, University Professor for Teaching Excellence

Boelzner, David E., Clinical Assistant Professor of Law 

Bruhl, Aaron-Andrew P., Professor of Law

Butler, Jay, Assistant Professor of Law

Butler, Lynda L., Chancellor Professor of Law and Director, William and Mary Property Rights Project and Co-Chair, President’s Committee on Sustainability

Chason, Anna Perez, Professor of the Practice

Chason, Eric D., Associate Professor of Law and Director, William and Mary Tax Conference

Combs, Nancy, Ernest W. Goodrich Professor of Law, Kelly Professor of Teaching Excellence, and Director, Human Security Law Center

Criddle, Evan J., Cabell Research Professor of Law

Devins, Neal E., Sandra Day O’Connor Professor of Law, Professor of Government, and Director, Institute of Bill of Rights Law

Douglas, Davison M., Dean and Arthur B. Hanson Professor of Law

Dwyer, James, Arthur B. Hanson Professor of Law and Cabell Research Professor of Law

Franklin, Jennifer R., Professor of the Practice

Gershowitz, Adam M., Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and Professor of Law

Green, Michael S., Woodbridge Professor of Law and Cabell Research Professor of Law

Greene, Rebecca, Professor of the Practice; Co-Director, Election Law Program, Assistant Director, CLCT

Grove, Tara Leigh, Professor of Law

Haeberle, Kevin S., Associate Professor of Law

Hamilton, Vivian, Professor of Law; Affiliated Professor, Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies

Heller, James S., Professor of Law; Director, The Wolf Law Library

Hendrickson, Erin Joy, Professor of the Practice

Heymann, Laura A., Professor of Law

Ibrahim, Darian M., Tazewell Taylor Research Professor of Law

Kades, Eric A., Thomas Jefferson Professor of Law

Kaplan, Robert E., Associate Dean and Professor of the Practice

Kern-Scheerer, Stacy Elizabeth, Professor of the Practice

Killinger, Laura R., Director, Legal Practice Program and Professor of the Practice

Larsen, Allison Orr, Robert E. and Elizabeth S. Scott Research Professor of Law

Lederer, Fredric I., Chancellor Professor of Law and Director, CLCT

Lowe, Mason Ernest, Professor of the Practice

Malone, Linda A., Marshall-Wythe Foundation Professor of Law, Founding Director of the Human Security Law Center and LLM in American Legal Studies

Marcus, Paul, Haynes Professor of Law

McSweeney, Thomas J., Associate Professor of Law

Meese, Alan J., Ball Professor of Law, and Co-Director, Center for the Study of Law and Markets

Oman, Nathan B., Rollins Professor of Law

Rajec, Sarah R. Wasserman, Assistant Professor of Law

W. Taylor Reveley, III, President and John Stewart Bryan Professor of Jurisprudence

Richardson, William M., Professor of the Practice

Roberts, Patricia, Vice Dean, Clinical Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Programs, and Co-Director of the Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Veterans Benefits Clinic

Rosenberg, Ronald H., Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Director, American Legal System Graduate Program & Foreign Exchanges, and Chancellor Professor of Law

Shin, Crystal S., Clinical Assistant Professor

Stafford, Sarah L., Director of the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy and Professor of Economics, Public Policy and Law

Stern, James Y., Associate Professor of Law

Stevenson, Jennifer S., Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, Associate Director, American Legal System Graduate Program, and Professor of the Practice of Law

Ward, Cynthia V., Professor of Law

Warren, Christie S., Professor of the Practice of International and Comparative Law and Director, Center for Comparative Legal Studies and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Zick, Timothy, Mills E. Godwin, Jr. Professor of Law