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2019 - 2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019 - 2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


This index only includes references to certain academic regulations and degree requirements which may not be easily found using the navigation or search functions.

Advanced Placement  

Applying to Graduate  

Arts Proficiency  


B.S. Degree Requirements (Kinesiology & Health Sciences)  

B.S. Degree Requirements (Psychology)  


College Curriculum  

Combined Degree Programs  

Creative and Performing Arts Proficiency  

Credit by Examination  

Credit Hour Limitations  

Dean’s List  

Declaring a Major  

Declaring a Minor  

Degree Requirements, Baccalaureate  

Digital Information Literacy (DIL) Proficiency  

Domestic Study Away  

Double Majors  

Exemptions (for Degree Requirements)  

FERPA (Student Records Privacy Policy)   

Final Examinations (Deferred, Changes, etc.)  

Foreign Language Placement  

Foreign Language Requirement  

General Education Requirements  

Grade Changes (and Review Procedures)  

Graduate Courses  

Departmental Honors  

Latin Honors  

Incomplete Grades  

Information Literacy  

International Baccalaureate  


Major Requirements  

Mathematics Proficiency  

Minor Requirements  

Notice of Candidacy for Graduation  

Overlap in Requirements  



Requests for Degree Exemptions  

Requirements for Degrees  

Residence Requirements for Degrees  

Revoking Credits Earned Before Matriculation  

Senior Residency Requirement  

Seventy-Two Hour Rule  

Study Abroad  

System of Grading  

Ten Semester Rule  

Transfer Credit  

Veterans Financial Information  

Writing Proficiency (Lower Division Writing Requirement)