Nov 30, 2020  
2012 - 2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012 - 2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Law: Legal Practice Program

A commitment to educating highly skilled and ethical lawyers. Our Legal Practice Program helps students gain the tools and ethical sensibilities they’ll need to be great lawyers.

Legal Practice Program

The Legal Practice Program is a required three-semester course of study. In the Program, you will work in small classes with a designated member of the Legal Writing Faculty, a practicing attorney, a teaching assistant, and law librarians. In the first year, you will concentrate on objective and persuasive writing, as well as other practical skills necessary for successful law practice. In the second year, you will choose a specialized, upper-level course of study, such as criminal or civil practice or appellate advocacy.

Curricular Details

Our first-year curriculum will introduce you to the essential analytical skills you’ll need to practice law.  Through the study of traditional first-year subjects and your responsibilities in a Legal Practice firm, you’ll develop the ability to read and analyze cases, conduct legal research, and prepare legal documents.

Receive training in legal research and writing, drafting, interviewing, and negotiation.  The small class size and discussion based format will allow you to practice and master the necessary skills to be a successful law student and attorney.  Designated writing faculty, law librarians, and practicing attorneys will work closely with you to develop your talents.

Gain the confidence you’ll need as you enter the job market.  Your Legal Practice training will help you feel prepared as you interview for summer or permanent positions.

Find answers to the “big questions.”  What does it really mean to be a lawyer?  Beyond knowledge of the law, what skills do you need to represent a client effectively?   How do lawyers relate to one another as colleagues or as opponents?  Legal Practice helps to prepare you for your future practice of law.

Law Week

As a Legal Skills student, you will:

Be welcomed into the Law School community and the world of law. Your legal education begins with “Law Week,” a multi-day intensive experience where you will receive a head start to your legal education.  You will receive information about the law school and have a chance to develop relationships with your classmates.  You will receive instruction on the American legal system and briefing and analyzing cases.  Finally, you will actually begin your first-year legal writing practice courses and attend your first lecture in criminal law.