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2013 - 2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013 - 2014 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Business Course Descriptions

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Mason School of Business

Full-Time Master of Business Administration


First Year Full-Time MBA Core Courses

Summer Courses - Full-Time MBA

Second Year Full-Time MBA Required Courses

Career Acceleration Module

MBA/MAcc Electives

Second year full-time MBA students, Flex MBA and MAcc students may register for MBA electives. During the second year in the full-time MBA program, in addition to the required second year courses, and two six-credit hour CAMs, students are able to select 9 (or more) credit hours of electives. Because the MBA degree connotes breadth of study, we encourage the desire to balance a concentration with the need to broaden one’s perspectives in the world of business. A student wishing to take more than 15 hours of elective courses in a specific area must receive approval from the Program Director. Electives are grouped into seven areas. Availability of electives is dependent upon faculty resources. Every effort is made to accommodate student requests. By the end of add/drop, it is very rare for a student not to have his schedule of preference.

Accounting and Control



Organizational Management

Operations Management

Applied Economics and Management

Environment of Business

Business Administration

Independent Study

Recent Topics Courses

Flex Master of Business Administration


Flex MBA Core Courses

 (Two semesters each core course offered.)

Executive Master of Business Administration


First Semester - Business Basics

Second Semester - Decision Making

Third Semester - Functional Expertise & Global Immersion I

Fourth Semester - Strategy & Change

Fifth Semester - Customized Electives & Global Immersion II

Master of Accounting


MAcc Core Courses - Fall Semester - Financial Markets Module

The courses in the Financial Markets Module are required courses and must be completed as part of the degree requirements. Students who have successfully completed an equivalent course prior to enrollment will be waived from this course with the approval of the Director and will take an elective in place of the waived course.

MAcc Core Courses - Fall Semester - Professional Accounting Module

The courses in the Professional Accounting Module are core courses and must be taken by all students without exception.

MAcc Core Courses - Fall Semester - Professional Development Module

Communications and Professional Development is a core course and must be taken by all students without exception. The remaining courses in this module are electives. Students may choose electives in the Professional Development Module according to their educational background and career goals.

Dual Degrees