Mar 05, 2021  
2012 - 2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012 - 2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LAW 711 - Legal Spanish


This course that will give students an opportunity to use Spanish language skills in a legal context. This class will begin with a grammar review and an introduction to basic legal vocabulary in Spanish. Each class will then concentrate on one substantive area (i.e., Family Law, Immigration Law, Criminal Law and Business/Employment Law). Students will learn and be able to use in an oral and written context vocabulary related to each area. Oral exercises including discussion and role play will help students to further develop listening and speaking skills. Literature and films appropriate to the topics will be used to stimulate discussion related to the legal issues involved and the realities of Spanish speaking citizens in the U.S. The course will meet once a week for 50 minutes. Materials will include THE ABA LEGAL SPANISH PHRASEBOOK, AL TANTO: CATORCE CUENTOS CONTEMPORANEOS, CINEMA FOR SPANISH CONVERSATION, and various legal documents in the target language. This will be a pass/fail course. Students will be evaluated through vocabulary quizzes, performance on oral role playing exercises, and a final group project or written/oral examination TBD. Students should have intermediate or advanced proficiency in spoken and written Spanish.