May 24, 2024  
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

MUSC B14 -B44 - Individual Instruction in Banjo

Credits: (Variable Credit)
College Curriculum: ARTS
Students may register for 1 or 2 credits of individual instruction in music. Credits for lessons may be earned at any of four levels (10-, 20-, 30-, or 40-). Students at the beginning level may not sign up for more than one credit per semester. All music lessons except musicianship (M10-40) satisfy the Arts Proficiency requirement, so long as at least 2 credits of instruction are in a single performance area (that is, lessons in voice or in one particular instrument, and also in one vocal or instrumental style if the department offers more than one category). Students cannot satisfy the Arts Proficiency requirement, for example, by taking one credit each of beginning oboe and beginning guitar, or one credit each of jazz piano and classical piano. Although students may take as many credits of applied music lessons as they wish, a maximum of 14 credits may be applied toward the 120 credits required for a degree by those not majoring in Music.
There is a fee for applied music lessons, including group lessons. This fee is non-refundable after the add/drop period, and students will be charged a pro-rated fee, equal to 1/12 of the Applied Music fee, for each lesson a student receives from an Applied Faculty instructor prior to dropping an Applied Music course.