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2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science

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The Computer Science Program

Computer science studies the development of algorithms and data structures for representing and processing information using computers. Additionally, computer science examines the logical organization of computers themselves. Questions which arise include the following. Given the enormous difficulty of writing large programs, what kinds of computer languages can be easily specified, easily understood, and yet mechanically translated? What concepts govern information processing? What are the most advantageous ways of distributing computing loads over a collection of distributed processors? How are graphical images best stored and processed? Are some functions inherently harder to compute than others? Do functions exist which cannot be computed? How is knowledge best represented in a computer?

The department’s programs prepare students for graduate study in computer science and for employment as computer science professionals.

Graduate Program

The department offers the degrees of Master of Science in Computer Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science. For degree requirements and a full description of graduate courses in computer science, visit the department’s website at http://www.cs.wm.edu.

Special Five-Year M.S. Program

The department offers a special program designed to enable particularly well-prepared B.S. or B.A. students to obtain an M.S. in Computer Science 12 or 15 months after receiving their bachelors degrees. Students taking computer science as either their major or as a minor in their undergraduate years may be eligible for this program. Upon request, an eligible candidate will receive an advisor in computer science by the end of the junior year. Candidates will register for two graduate-level courses during the senior year and four such courses each semester during the following academic session. Candidates will complete the requirement for an independent research project in either the summer following the senior year or the summer after the course work is completed. Students qualifying for this program may apply to the department for possible financial assistance.

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    Computer Science

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