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2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies

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Interdisciplinary Program

The Faculty of Arts & Sciences offers the BA & BS degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies. Within the BA of Interdisciplinary Studies degree program, students may select from six majors: Africana Studies; Environment & Sustainability; Film & Media Studies; Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies; Global Studies; Integrative Conservation, and Medieval & Renaissance Studies. Additionally, students may earn a BA or a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Self-Designed major. Within this option, students will work closely with a faculty advisor to formulate a curriculum that is tailored to the student’s interests. The responsibility for formulating a sound academic program of interdisciplinary study lies with the individual student and the advisor, and the proposed major must be approved by the Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS). Normally, students pursuing an interdisciplinary major base their program upon a solid understanding of an established discipline, and must include courses from at least three departments, with no more than half of the credit hours from any one department. More than two courses at the introductory level are seldom approved.

Applications for Self-Designed majors must adhere to the Registrar’s deadlines for declaring a primary major. In addition, all applications for Self-Designed majors as a change of major or secondary major must be submitted to the Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies before the beginning of preregistration for the first semester of the student’s senior year. All Self-Designed programs must be compatible with the degree requirements for Arts & Sciences. Each major must fulfill the Major Writing Requirement by earning a grade of C- or better in the course designated as the writing course within the program submitted to CHIS. Each major must also fulfill the Computer Proficiency Requirement by earning a grade of C- or better in the course designated as the computer proficiency course within the program submitted. CHIS, or the appropriate advisory committee, must approve the designation of courses that fulfill the writing and computer proficiency requirements.

Programs and Course Descriptions


Africana Studies  
Environment and Sustainability  

Film and Media Studies  
Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies  

Integrative Conservation (BS in Interdisciplinary Studies)  
Medieval and Renaissance Studies 


Interdisciplinary minors are offered in:

Africana Studies  

Computational and Applied Mathematics & Statistics-Mathematical Biology, Minor  

Educational Studies  
Environmental Science and Policy  

Film and Media Studies, Minor   
Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies  

Integrative Conservation, Minor  

Italian Studies 
Judaic Studies 
Marine Science 
Medieval and Renaissance Studies 
Public Health  

There is no option for a Self-Designed minor

Description of Courses

The following courses are taught by individual instructors or by a group of instructors who wish to explore a subject outside the current structure of A&S Departments and Programs. The A&S Dean’s Office coordinates the schedulien of these courses.



    College CurriculumGeographic Information SystemsInterdisciplinary Studies

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