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2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

International Relations

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International Relations Program

The curriculum of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides for an interdisciplinary major in International Relations (INRL), the study of economic, historic, political, and social relations among states. The international Relations concentration also addresses the interactions among states, markets, and non-state actors (such as international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and multi-national corporations). The curriculum has been designed to ensure that students address the major issues in the international arena from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The major in International Relations is distinct from William & Mary’s Global Studies program, which focuses on the culture, history, languages, literature, politics and religions of major world regions. If you are interested in such a course of study, you should see the Global Studies entry in this catalog.

In general, a major in International Relations includes courses from at least four departments. A detailed description of the degree program is provided below. Additional information about courses, prospective faculty advisors, and requirements is available on the International Relations website (www.wm.edu/as/internationalrelations).

Language Requirement. Degrees in International Relations include a modern foreign language component which exceeds the College’s proficiency requirement. Students in International Relations must either

  1. Complete two courses beyond the 202-level in one modern language OR
  2. Achieve 202-level proficiency in two modern languages.

Some freshman seminars may fulfill the IR language requirement. To count toward the language requirement, courses must be taught entirely in the target language.

Major Writing Requirement (MWR). The major writing requirement will be satisfied upon completion of the capstone seminar, internship, independent study or honors project.

Major Computer Proficiency Requirement (CPR). International Relations majors will satisfy the computer proficiency by successfully completing the concentration methods course requirement.

Study Abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to seek overseas opportunities which complement their International Relations major. With prior approval, many courses taken abroad may be applied to major or other requirements. Contact the Global Education office at the Reves Center for more information.

Major Declaration. A prospective major in International Relations should discuss their plans with a faculty advisor as soon as possible. See the IR website for details of declaring a concentration.

Description of Courses

With the exception of Independent Study, special topics courses, internships and Senior Honors (see below), courses for an International Relations major are selected from those available in the curricula of the various departments and schools. Course descriptions appear elsewhere in the catalog.

Programs and Course Descriptions



    International Relations

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