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2020 - 2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020 - 2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classical Studies, Ancient History & Archaeology, BA (International Honours)

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The Joint Degree Program in Classical Studies

Classical Studies majors in the joint degree program will benefit from the integration of the breadth offered by a William & Mary liberal arts education and the depth offered from a St Andrews degree. The departments have complementary strengths in the ancient languages, ancient history, and archaeology. In combination, students are able to craft a flexible program that allows them to investigate the cultures of the Mediterranean world in great depth, from the Bronze Age through Late Antiquity. Both institutions are known for the excellence of their teaching and the research productivity of their faculty, and students are encouraged to do research, fieldwork, and on-site study. Both institutions offer opportunities for travel and immersive experiences around the Mediterranean. The joint degree in Classical Studies offers two pathways: one via an archaeology and ancient history route and the other via a Greek and Latin route.

Requirements for the Joint Degree in Classical Studies

Note: CLCV, GREK and LATN are the prefixes for Classical Studies courses at W&M; AN, CL, GK, and LT are the prefixes for the Classical Studies courses at St Andrews.

Required Credit Hours:

  • 54 credits in the major (at least 24 of which are completed at W&M in CLCV, GREK, LATN or through cognate courses as approved by the department chair)
  • At least 3 W&M credits each must be earned in upper-level (300(0) and 400(0)-level) courses in Art & Archaeology, History and Society, and Literature and Culture, for a total of 9 credits. These credits must be earned outside of courses that are used for other requirements. This requirement may be fulfilled by courses taken at St Andrews for 20 credits or more.
  • Study in Greek and/or Latin every semester is optional but recommended for the Ancient History & Archaeology track.
  • Progression in Years 3 and 4: students must earn at least 60 (W&M)/240(StA) credits, at least 45 W&M /180 StA in Honours courses - that is, courses in the major at the 300(0) - 400(0) level. Students must take 30/120 credits at each university. Of the total 60/240, 22.5/90 should be at the 4000 level at St Andrews, or at the equivalent level at W&M*. Normally, no more than 7.5/30 credits below the 300 level may be taken in a single Honours year.

*Some 300 level courses at W&M will count towards this requirement. See your major advisor for a list.

Major Computing Requirement:

At W&M, an Honors Thesis or Independent Study; at St Andrews, any 4000-level course.

Major Writing Requirement:

A student who satisfies all requirements for the Classics major in either track will also satisfy the Major Writing Requirement.

Core Requirements:

First Year at St Andrews

  • AN1001
  • AN1002

Second Year at St Andrews

  • 40 credits from AN
  • CL at the 2000 level

Before Year Three

To proceed to Year 3, students in their second year need a cumulative average of 11 (C+) or better in two of AN2002, AN2003, CL2003, CL2004 at St. Andrews, or a cumulative average of C+ (11) or better in CLCV 217 and CLCV 218 at W&M.

Third Year at W&M

  • a course on archaeological theory (CLCV 430 - 439, or another course approved by major advisor and chair)

  • courses in LATN, GREK or CLCV 300-400 level

Third Year at St Andrews

  • 30 credits from AA3020
  • 60 credits from AA, AN, CL 4000 level

Fourth Year at W&M

  • All JDP students complete a major research project as a capstone experience.  In Classical Studies, students may either do an Honors Thesis (CLCV 495 and CLCV 496, 6 credits) or conduct a one-semester research project (CLCV 400, 3 credits). Credits / Units: 3-6

  • Credits: (3)
  • Credits: (3)
  • Credits: (3)
  • courses in LATN, GREK or CLCV 300-400 level

Fourth Year at St Andrews

  • 30 credits from CL4999

  • 90 credits from AA, CL, AN 4000 level

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