May 31, 2023  
2021 - 2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classical Studies, Latin Concentration, BA

A major in Latin consists of 15 credits in core requirements and 24 hours taken in Greek, Latin or Hebrew, with a minimum of 17 credits in Latin and 6 in Greek.

Required Credit Hours: 39

Major Computing Requirement:

Fulfilled during the completion of projects for the Classical Studies Capstone.

Major Writing Requirement:

Fulfilled during the completion of projects for the Classical Studies Capstone.

COLL 400

Any of the options listed below under the Classical Studies Capstone section will fulfill the COLL 400 requirement.

Core Requirements (6 credits):

Area Requirements (6 credits):

Choose one course from the approved list below in each of the following areas.  A course listed in two categories may satisfy the requirement in either of the categories, but not in both.  Also, a course used to satisfy the core requirements or the capstone requirement may not also be counted as satisfying an area requirement.

History and Society:

Archaeology and Art:

Additional Area Requirement Courses:

The following interdisciplinary courses may count toward any or all of the area requirements (literature, history, archaeology) in a particular semester, depending on the aspects of the topic that the professor teaching the course that semester emphasizes.  Students may view the attributes of the course to see which requirements it could count toward in a particular semester. An individual course may be counted toward only one of the subject requirements that it potentially fulfills.

Classical Studies Capstone (3 credits)

The Capstone requirement may be fulfilled by either of the following:

  • Credits: (3)
  • Credits: (1)
  • CLCV 401 in conjunction with a course of 3 or more credits specifically approved for this purpose, taken either prior to or concurrently with CLCV 401. Typically, the list of approved courses will consist of most 300- and 400-level courses offered in CLCV, GREK, HEBR, or LATN, including honors in Classical Studies (CLCV, GREK, or LATN 496), as well as other courses of 3 credits or more specifically approved for this purpose by the chair of Classical Studies.  Also eligible, with the approval of the chair, are interdisciplinary honors courses and interdisciplinary COLL 400 courses with significant Classical Studies content.  Courses applied to the capstone requirement in this manner may not be counted toward fulfilling other requirements for the major.