Sep 29, 2022  
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Chinese Language & Culture (BA in Chinese Language & Culture)

Required Credit Hours: 30

A minimum of 30 semester credits must be distributed in the following manner:

  1. Four Chinese language courses above the 202 level to be selected with approval of an advisor.
  2. Four Chinese literature/culture courses to be selected with approval of an advisor.
  3. CHIN 428 : Advanced Seminar in Chinese Language, Culture or Literature (This course will satisfy the concentration writing requirement and the concentration computing requirement).
  4. One course outside of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature to be selected with approval of an advisor.

All majors in Chinese are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a Chinese-speaking location after finishing CHIN 102  ,CHIN 202  of CHIN 206  .

Students will choose their major advisor from among the Chinese faculty when declaring their major in Chinese. The Chinese program actively supports faculty-mentored independent student research and strongly encourage majors to consider writing an honors thesis.