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2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

English (BA [International Honours] in English)

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The Joint Degree Program in English

The Joint Degree Program in English Language and Literature allows students to gain from both the St Andrews in-depth and progressive approach to the study of English and the more broad-based and interdisciplinary William & Mary approach. The joint degree program in English provides distinctive opportunities for the development of writing skills, increased sensitivity to language, awareness of the aesthetic and intellectual enjoyments of literature, and an understanding of the cultural values reflected in literature. Students will be exposed to a range of historical periods and critical approaches to literature. They can also take creative writing classes. The program serves students who are seeking to teach; students who are preparing for graduate study in English; students who desire a rich intellectual and aesthetic experience in advance of professional study in fields such as law, medicine and business; and students who choose English simply because they enjoy the disciplined study of literature and language. All English majors in the joint program have the opportunity to work on an independent research project as part of their degree, either by writing a dissertation at St Andrews or by taking a senior research seminar at William & Mary. A student who chooses to spend Year 4 at William & Mary may qualify to work on a senior honors project either in literature or creative writing.

Requirements for the Joint Degree Program in English

Note: ENGL is the prefix for English and CRWR is the prefix for Creative Writing courses at W&M; EN is the prefix for English courses at St Andrews

Required Credit Hours:

61 credits toward the major, at least 21 of which are completed at William & Mary.  At least 45 W&M / 180 StA credits must be completed in upper division courses in Years 3 and 4.

Progression in Years 3 and 4:  Students must earn 60 (WM)/240 (StA) credits, at least 45 (WM)/180 (StA) in Honours courses - that is, courses in the major at the 300(0) - 400(0) level.  Students must take 30/120 credits at each university.  Of the total 60/240, 22.5/90 should be at the 4000-level at St. Andrews, or at the equivalent level at W&M.*  Normally, no more than 7.5/30 credits below the 300-level may be taken in a single Honours year.​

*Some 300 level courses at W&M will count towards this requirement. See your major advisor for a list.

Additionally, to proceed to Year 3, students need a cumulative average of 11 (C+) or better in EN2003 and EN2004, or in ENGL 203 and ENGL 250. 

Major Writing Requirement:

A student who satisfies all requirements for the English major will also satisfy the Major Writing Requirement.

Core requirements:

All majors in the joint program are required to take the following:

First Year

Second Year


A single course can be used to satisfy no more than two of the following requirements.

One Course in a Single Author or Auteur:

One Course Each in Upper-Level/Honours:

Courses in two of the three period groups a.) Medieval, b.) Renaissance, and c.) 18th-19th century (for a total of two courses); this requirement may be covered as follows at W&M/St Andrews:



18th-19th Century

One Course on Constructions of Race

Courses in literature and expressive culture by people of color and those that take race as a central conceptual category for critical examination can be counted toward this requirement.  This requirement may be satisfied in combination with one of the courses that satisfy the American literature, single author/auteur, or period groups requirements above. 

Courses typically satisfying this requirement are listed below, but other courses may satisfy on a one-time basis when content is appropriate. 

One Dissertation Module:

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