Sep 25, 2023  
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

CAMS Applied Statistics Track, BS

The Applied Statistics major gives students a rigorous training in the highly-interdisciplinary modern practice of statistics. The major draws upon a foundation of topics in mathematics and computer science to build a core specialization in applied and theoretical statistics and enriches this statistical knowledge with cross-disciplinary electives. Possible areas of focus within the major include: econometrics, data science, general applied statistics, and actuarial science.

Minimum Course Pre-requisites

Major Writing Requirement

The upper-division writing requirement is satisfied by one of the following ways:

Major Computing Requirement: 7 Credits

Students satisfy the computing requirement by taking:

Major Mathematics Requirement: 6 or 7 Credits

Students satisfy the mathematics requirement by taking:

Major Statistics Requirement: 9 Credits

Students complete the statistics requirement by taking the following:

Electives: 24 Credits

A total of 24 elective credits consisting of: 9-15 credits of Statistics and Math electives; and 9-15 credits of cross-disciplinary electives.

Cross-disciplinary Electives: 9 Credits (minimum)

Students must take 9-15 credits from among any of the courses in the following lists of cross-disiciplinary electives:


Credit for CAMS 495-496 Honors, with faculty advisor approved by the Applied Statistics Track Director, may substitute for any two elective courses, as long as the two courses are not in the same category.  In addition, with advisor approval, students may replace one elective course with one or more independent study or research credits, which must total at least 3 credits.