May 25, 2024  
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Film and Media Studies (BA [International Honours] in INTR, Film & Media Studies)

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The Joint Degree Program in Film Studies

The aims and objectives of the Joint Degree in Film Studies remain grounded in film: to introduce students to the construction of the image, the history of various national cinema movements, the shape of the international film industry, and the theoretical approaches that can be applied to film. However, our collaboration will also allow students to explore the interrelated fields of television, print, radio, and other media as aesthetic and cultural practices and forms. This study of contemporary and historical media will allow students to understand the way representation affects our understanding of gender, sexuality, national identity, racial and ethnic identities, and the influence of global markets and politics. All Film Studies majors in the joint program have the opportunity to work on an independent research project as part of their degree, either by writing a dissertation at St Andrews or by pursuing an Honors Thesis or Independent Study at William & Mary.

Requirements for the Joint Degree Program in Film Studies

Note: FMST is the prefix for Film & Media Studies courses at W&M; FM is the prefix for Film Studies courses at St Andrews.

Required Credit Hours:

  • 58 credits toward the major, at least 21 of which are completed at W&M
  • Progression in Years 3 and 4:  Students must earn 60 (WM)/240 (StA) credits, at least 45 (WM)/180 (StA) in Honours courses - that is, courses in the major at the 300(0) - 400(0) level.  Students must take 30/120 credits at each university.  Of the total 60/240, 22.5/90 should be at the 4000 level at St. Andrews, or at the equivalent level at W&M.*  Normally, no more than 7.5/30 credits below the 300 level may be taken in a single Honours year.​

*Some 300 level courses at W&M will count towards this requirement.  See your major advisor for a list.

Major Computing Requirement:

The major computing requirement is satisfied by FM 2002 at St Andrews or FMST 302 at W&M.

Major Writing Requirement:

A student who satisfies all requirements for the Film Studies major will also satisfy the Major Writing Requirement.

Core Requirements:

All Film Studies majors in the joint program are required to take the following:

First Year

Second Year

Before Year Three

To proceed to Year 3, students at St Andrews need a cumulative average of 11 (C+) or better in FM 2003 (FM 2001 prior to 2021-22) and FM 2002. At W&M, students need a cumulative average of 11 (C+) or better in FMST 302 and FMST 311. 

Years Three and Four

In years 3 & 4, students must satisfy the following distribution requirements in the major (some of these distribution requirements may be satisfied in year 2 at W&M, but students will still need to meet the 45 credit total required in years 3 & 4):

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