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2023 - 2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Graduate Catalog

Counselor Education, PhD

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The CACREP accredited doctoral program in Counselor Education is designed to evaluate the theory and practice of counseling through quantitative and qualitative research and to prepare educators and leaders in the field of counseling. The 100 clock hour Doctoral Practicum is taken at any time in the program as approved by the advisor, but is recommended to begin in the second year. The 600 clock hour Doctoral Internship includes formal supervised experiences in a singular focus or a combination of teaching, supervision and counseling. The Doctoral Internship follows the completion of the Doctoral Practicum, and may be integrated into the program as approved by the advisor.

Program of Study - Counselor Education

Recommended sequence for full time students

* Counselor Education will require 96-105 hours beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Fall 1 (12 credits)

EDUC 663 Quantitative Research Design & Methods I (3)  

EDUC 632 Advanced Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (3)  **

EDUC 639 Theory and Process of Counselor Supervision (3)  

**EDUC (Cognate) (3)

Spring 1 (15 credits)

EDUC 664 Qualitative Research Methods (3)  

EDUC 647 Internship in Counselor Supervision (3)  

EDUC 629 Individual Appraisal (3)  *

EDUC 684 Advanced Multicultural Social Justice Theory and Practice (3)  

**EDUC (Cognate) (3)

Fall 2 (12 credits)

EDUC 665 Quantitative Research Design & Methods II (3)  

EDUC 762 Doctoral Seminar in Counseling (3)  **

EDUC 763 Doctoral Practicum (3)  

EDUC 601 Advanced Group Work and Theory (3)  

Spring 2 (12 credits)

EDUC 700 Quantitative Research Design & Methods III (3)  

EDUC 703 Research in Counselor Education (3)  

EDUC 764 Seminar in Counselor Education (3)  *

**EDUC (Cognate) (3)

Summer 2


Fall 3 (9 credits)

EDUC 800 Dissertation   (3)

EDUC 765 Doctoral Internship (3)  

**EDUC (Cognate) (3)

Spring 3 (9 credits)

EDUC 800 Dissertation  (6)

EDUC 765 Doctoral Internship (3)  

**Area of Specialization/Cognate

All students are required to have curricular experiences designed to develop an area of professional expertise (e.g., a 12 hour specialization in multicultural counseling, family counseling, substance abuse counseling) and at least one year (two semesters) of full-time study.  Courses are listed as EDUC (Cognate) (3) above for total of 12 credit hours in cognate courses.

Total Credit Hours: 69

* Offered in alternate Spring semesters.  Both courses are required.

**Offered in alternate Fall semesters.  Both courses are required.

Additional Requirements for Graduation

  • Committee Approved Dissertation must be uploaded for publishing to ProQuest by the semester deadline established by the Office of Academic Programs prior to graduation.
  • The Survey of Earned Doctorates must be completed by the semester deadline established by the Office of Academic Programs prior to graduation.