Nov 29, 2023  
2023 - 2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Graduate Catalog

Online- Clinical Mental Health, MEd in Counseling

Program of Study - Online Clinical Mental Health Counseling

This program is completed on a part-time basis. 

Semester 1

Session A: EDUC C43 Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling (3)  

Session B: EDUC C32 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (3)  

Semester 2

Session A: EDUC F09 Human Growth and Development: A Life-Span Perspective (3)  

Session B: EDUC 624 Theory and Practice of Multi‑Cultural Counseling (3)  

Semester 3

Session A: EDUC C46 Contemporary Issues in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3)  

Session B: EDUC C33 Techniques of Counseling (3)  

Session B: EDUC C10 Counseling Residency I (0)  

Semester 4

Session A: EDUC 645 The Counselor and Psychopathology (3)  

Session B: EDUC F67 Psychological and Educational Measurement (3)  

Semester 5

Session A: EDUC F65 Research Methods in Education (3)  

Session B: EDUC C34 Group Theory and Techniques (3)  

Session B: EDUC C11 Counseling Residency II (0)  

Semester 6

Session A: EDUC 627 Marriage and Family Counseling (3)  

Session B: EDUC C31 Career Development (3)  

Semester 7

Session A: EDUC C44 Addictions Counseling (3)  

Session B: EDUC C29 Substance Abuse and Society (3)  

Session A&B: EDUC C42 Supervised Practicum in Counseling (3)  1.5 credits each session

Semester 8

Session A: EDUC 625 Relational Counseling & Sex Therapy (3)  

Session B: EDUC 636 Addictions and Family Systems (3)  

Session A & B: EDUC C47 Internship in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3)  1.5 credits each session

Semester 9

Session A: EDUC C45 Transpersonal Counseling: Theory, Research and Practice (3)  

Session A & B: EDUC C47 Internship in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3)  1.5 credits each session


Total Credit Hours: 60

Required Survey:

Counseling students are required to complete an online exit survey during the final semester.