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2021 - 2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Policy Faculty

Program Director

Paul Manna Hyman Distinguished University Professor of Government & Public Policy (Ph.D., Wisconsin).

Graduate Director

Elaine S. McBeth Associate Director and Lecturer of Economics and Public Policy (M.A., Virginia).


Berhanu Abegaz (Economics) (Ph.D., Pennsylvania), Lynda L. Butler (Law) (J.D., Virginia), Donald E. Campbell (CSX Professor of Economics and Public Policy) (Ph.D., Princeton), Neal E. Devins (Law) (J.D., Vanderbilt), Davison M. Douglas (Law) (LL.B. and Ph.D., Yale), Pamela L. Eddy (Education) (Ph.D., Michigan State), C. Lawrence Evans (Government) (Ph.D., Rochester), David H. Feldman (Economics) (Ph.D., Duke), John B. Gilmour (Government) (Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley), Robert L. Hicks (Economics) (Ph.D., Maryland), Christopher D. Howard (Harriman Professor of Government and Public Policy) (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Eric Kades (Law) (J.D.,Yale), Linda A. Malone (Marshall-Wythe Foundation Professor of Law) (J.D., Duke), Paul Manna (Government) (Ph.D., Wisconsin), John J. McGlennon (Government) (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins), Alan J. Meese (Law) (J.D., Chicago), Jennifer M. Mellor (Economics and Director, Schroeder Center for Health Policy ) (Ph.D., Maryland), Carlisle E. Moody, Jr. (Economics) (Ph.D., Connecticut), Alfredo M. Pereira (Economics) (Ph.D., Stanford), Ronald H. Rosenberg (Law) (J.D., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill), Martin Schmidt (Economics) (Ph.D., Colorado State), Sarah L. Stafford (Economics, Public Policy and Law) (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins), Dennis L. Taylor (A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. Professor of Marine Science) (Ph.D., Wales), and Michael J. Tierney (George and Mary Hylton Professor of International Relations) (Ph.D., University of California-San Diego).

Associate Professors

John Lopresti (Economics) (Ph.D., Purdue), Peter McHenry (Economics) (Ph.D., Yale), John Parman (Verkuil Professor of Economics and Public Policy) (Ph.D., Northwestern), and Ariel Ben-Yishay (Economics) (Ph.D., University of Maryland).


Assistant Professors

Zhao Han (Economics) (Ph.D., Indiana), S.P. Harish (Government) (Ph.D., NYU), and Petr Savelyev (Economics) (Ph.D., Chicago).

Adjunct Professors

Christopher Byrne (Head of Law Research and Instructional Services) (J.D., Harvard), and Lawrence Wilkerson (M.S., U.S. Naval War College).

Research Professors

Harriet O. Duleep (Center for Public Policy Research) (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Troy W. Hartley (Virginia Sea Grant) (Ph.D., University of Michigan), and Louis F. Rossiter (Center for Public Policy Research) (Ph.D., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill).

Senior Lecturer

Rui Pereira (Economics) (Ph.D., Universidade do Algarve).


Alexandra Joosse (Ph.D., Arizona), and Alan H. Kennedy (J.D., William & Mary).

Emeriti Professors

David P. Aday, Jr. (Sociology) (Ph.D., Kansas), David H. Finifter (Economics) (Ph.D., Pittsburgh), Dorothy E. Finnegan (Education) (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State), William J. Hausman (Economics) (Ph.D., Illinois), James S. Heller (Law) (J.D., San Diego), Carl H. Hershner (Marine Science) (Ph.D., Virginia), and Roy L. Pearson (Chancellor Professor of Business Administration).