Jun 28, 2022  
2021 - 2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Graduate Catalog

EPPL- Higher Education Administration, PhD

Program of Study - Higher Education, PhD


EDUC F65 Research Methods in Education (3)  

Core Component (12 credits)

EPPL 601 Educational Policy: Development and Analysis (3)  

EPPL 602 Educational Planning (3)  

EPPL 603 Leadership in Education (3)  

EPPL 604 Cross Disciplinary Perspectives in Educational Theory, Research and Practice (3)  

Research Component (15 credits)

EDUC 663 Quantitative Research Design & Methods I (3)  

EDUC 665 Quantitative Research Design & Methods II (3)  

EDUC 694A Qualitative Research Design & Methods, Part I (3)  

EDUC 694B Qualitative Research Design & Methods, Part II (3)  

Advanced Research Course (3)

Select an additional advanced methods course in consultation with advisor.

Concentration (21 credits)

Required Courses (12 credits)

EDUC 603 The College Student: Developmental Themes and Social Contexts (3)  

EPPL 613 The Academic Life (3)  

EPPL 628 The History of Higher Education (3)  

EPPL 635 Advanced Organizational Theory and Governance of Educational Systems (3)  

Elective Courses (9)

Select (9) additional credits of higher education courses in consulation with the advisor

Cognate (12 credits)

Students will select one or more cognate areas to broaden the knowledge base and provide additional areas of specialization.  Students may select 6 hours int two cognate areas, or 12 hours in one area.  courses listed in more that one cognate or concentration area can be used to satisfy only one requirement.  Student should discuss potential cognate areas with the faculty advisor.

Culminating Experience (9 credits)

EPPL 790 Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership Research Seminar (3)  

EDUC 800 Dissertation (1-9) *

*6 credits of Dissertation are required for the degree.

Total Credit Hours: 69

Additional Graduation Requirements

Committee Approved Dissertation must be uploaded for publishing to ProQuest by the semester deadline established by the Office of Academic Programs prior to graduation.

The Survey of Earned Doctorates must be completed by the semester deadline established by the Office of Academic Programs prior to graduation.