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2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Language and Literature (BA in English)

Required Credit Hours: 36

(at least 24 of which must be in courses numbered 300 and above)

Declaring the Major:

Major courses are chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor on the basis of the student’s preparation, background, career expectations, and educational interests. The department encourages students to design a program of study that exposes them to a range of historical periods and critical approaches to literature. See the “undergraduate program” section of the department’s website for more information and guidance.

Major Computing Requirement:

Major Writing Requirement:

The great majority of courses offered in English are writing-intensive. Students officially satisfy the Major Writing Requirement by successfully completing ENGL 475, Research Seminar in English.

Research Seminar:

As a capstone experience, ENGL 475 also satisfies COLL 400 in the College Curriculum. When appropriate, ENGL 475 may also satisfy one of the other distribution requirements listed below.


At least four courses numbered 300 or above that, in combination, satisfy the following requirements. A single course can be used to satisfy no more than two requirements at once.

British Literature between 1700 and 1900:

One course (3 credits) selected from the following, or from courses with the ‘BLT’ attribute:

Literature since 1900:

One course (3 credits) in literature since 1900 selected from the following, or from courses with the ‘LS’ attribute. Courses that address American literature, literature of the British Isles and Commonwealth, world literature, or critical theory in the 20th or 21st centuries can be counted toward this requirement.

Single Author or Film Auteur:

One course (3 credits) studying the work of a single author or film auteur selected from the following, or from courses with the ‘SA’ attribute.

Constructions of Race:

One course (3 credits) focusing on constructions of race selected from the following, or from courses with the ‘CR’ attribute. Courses in literature and expressive culture by people of color and those that take race as a central conceptual category for critical examination can be counted toward this requirement. Courses in English-language linguistics that address language variation associated with race can also be counted toward this requirement.

Additional Information

English majors can count a maximum of nine credit hours in creative writing, expository writing, and English-language linguistics toward the major.  The English-language linguistics courses that can be counted are the following: ENGL 230; LING 250; ENGL/LING 303; LING 308; LING 360; and ENGL/LING 400.

Students may count one approved literature course taken in any of the Modern Languages or Classical Studies, either in another language or in translation, as an elective toward the major.  Approved courses are listed on the English Department’s website. Students may seek approval for courses not on this list by petitioning the English Department Chair.