Jun 04, 2023  
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Data Science, Minor

The minor in Data Science is designed to be paired with a wide variety of majors across William & Mary, so there are no restrictions on the primary major pursued in conjunction with the Data Science minor. Under most circumstances, the Data Science minor should be declared no later than the second semester of the Junior year to ensure the minor can be completed. Two courses may be counted toward both your primary major and minor; some courses may be substituted with permission from the director. 

Additional Credits: at least 5

Students must select two or more courses overlapping with the pedagogic pillars of the Data Science program (Computation, Application, Communication, Deliberation), which must have a focus on the analysis of temporal, spatial, or numerical data. Students should consider fulfilling this requirement within their home major department when feasible. Courses pre-approved for the minor include: DATA 211, DATA 311, DATA 330, DATA 340, DATA 431, DATA 440, GIS 201, GIS 405, GIS 410, GIS 420, MATH 211, MATH 351, MATH 352, CSCI 241, CSCI 243, CSCI 343, ECON 308, ECON 331, ECON 407, ECON 408 (although this is not an exhaustive list).  See the most updated list on the Data Science website.  Courses chosen should have a quantitative focus and must be approved by the Director, Associate Director, and Director of Undergraduate Studies. Please reach out to one of the Faculty Affiliates listed at ds.wm.edu to discuss your options and follow the procedure for declaring a minor outlined on the Data Science website.


Faculty Affiliates of the Data Science Program are available to advise students - the full list of affiliates can be found at ds.wm.edu.  It is highly recommended that you contact an advisor with expertise that closely matches your primary major and/or long term career goals before matriculation into the program.