Nov 29, 2023  
2023 - 2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Graduate Catalog

Combined Degree Program MEd Higher Education & MBA

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The combined degree program for the M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) allows students to obtain both an M.Ed. and an MBA degree in three years, instead of the four years that would be required if each were pursued separately.  Candidates interested in this combined degree program must apply to and gain acceptance by both the Graduate School of Education and the Mason School of Business.


Program of Study - Combined Program - MEd Higher Education/MBA

MEd Core Component

Fall 1 (9)

EPPL 636 Student Developmental Theory (3)  

EPPL 503 Higher Education Organizations and Contexts (3)   

EPPL 628 The History of Higher Education (3)  

Spring 1 (9)

EPPL 525 Assessment and Evaluation to Promote College Student Learning (3)  

EPPL 637 Social Justice Praxis in Higher Education (3)  

EPPL 619 Leadership & Change in Higher Education (3)  

Culminating Experiences - Year 3 (6)

EPPL 599B Master’s Project (3)  

EPPL 585 Internship in Higher Education (3)   

Total MEd Credits: 24

MBA Component

Fall Semester (17.5 credits) 

BUAD 5011 Communicating for Results (2)  

BUAD 5101 Financial Accounting and Disclosure (2)  

BUAD 5301 Financial Management (2)  

BUAD 5401 Marketing Management (2)  

BUAD 5501 Organizational Behavior (2)  

BUAD 5701 Data Analysis (2)  

BUAD 5721 Economic Analysis & Insights (2)  

BUAD 5801 The Principled Professional (2)  

BUAD 5931 Charting your MBA Career (.5)  

BUAD 5951 Sprint (1)  

Spring Semester (15)

BUAD 5111 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making (2)  

BUAD 5211 IT Infrastructure and Business Transformation (2)  

BUAD 5601 Operations and Supply Chain Management (2)  

BUAD 5901 Global Competitive Strategy (2)  

BUAD 5941 Business, Government, & the Global Economy (2)  

BUAD 5951 Sprint (1)  

BUAD 6971 Independent Study (0-6)   (2 credits)

BUAD 6971 Independent Study (0-6)   (2 credits)

MBA Component Year 3 (12.5)

BUAD 6XXX MBA Electives (12.5) (selected with advisor)

Total MBA Credits: 45

Total Credit hours for combined degree: 69


A student earning a Combined Degree must complete BOTH requirements before either degree is earned.  Student must file a Notice of Candidacy for Graduation with the University Registrar’s Office for the Combined Degree by the established deadlines the fall prior to graduation.

Required Survey

EPPL degree program students will need to complete an Online Exit Survey during the final semester for which you are registered. The School of Education Assessment & Accreditation Manager will contact you about a month before you graduate with more information.