Jun 21, 2021  
2013 - 2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013 - 2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art and Art History, Studio Art Concentration, BA

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The art program is designed to offer the major a variety of courses and the opportunity to work in depth at the advanced level.

Required Credit Hours: 39

Core Requirements:

Two-Dimensional Art Focus

For those students who will focus their study in Two-Dimensional Art, they will be required to take 20 additional credits, of which the courses listed below are mandatory.

Three-Dimensional Art Focus

Students focusing their study in Three-Dimensional Art will be required to take 20 additional Art credits, three of which must be in:

Three additional credits in drawing courses from the following:

Additional Requirements

Within the 20 additional credits, all art majors must have at least six credits in 400 level Art courses. A minimum of 39 credits in Art and Art History must be earned in the major; a maximum of 48 credits may be earned. There is an exception to this rule for the student preparing for graduate study in studio art. The student may apply for the opportunity to take up to an additional 12 credit hours in art in order to develop a graduate application portfolio. Application (using the Degrees Committee petition form) to the Department and then the Degrees Committee is usually made during the first semester of junior year and no later than second semester junior year but before registration for the first semester of senior year. To be considered for this honor, the student should have shown exceptional promise by maintaining as a minimum, a 3.3 GPA within the department and a 2.5 GPA within the university. In addition, the student should have the full sponsorship of two faculty members and will be required to submit a portfolio of ten works for review during this process.

All majors in Art are required to take ART 460A   and ART 460B  the Senior Student Exhibition, in their last two semesters. Majors must participate in a review of their work in order to show in the senior exhibition.

Major Writing Requirement

 One art history course at the 300 or 400 level (including ARTH 490) will fulfill the requirement.

The Major Writing Requirement will be satisfied in the following way:

  1. When prospective majors, in consultation with their major advisor, file the form required for a declaration of major, they will specify an art history course conforming to the above criteria that is most appropriate to their area of special interest. This course will satisfy the prospective majors Major Writing Requirement.
  2. At the time of registration for the specified course, the student will consult with the instructor to make all necessary arrangements for a schedule that allows for the opportunity to go through the stages of writing and rewriting that is part of the requirement.
  3. When the student has completed the courses with a grade of C or higher, the instructor will notify the department chair.

Major Computing Requirement

 The Major Computing Requirement will be fulfilled during the completion of the Major Writing Requirement. In the process of writing their research papers, students will be expected to do research using all of the data bases and library resources that are computer accessible (World Web, On-line Journals, and Bibliographic Sources such as Art Index, Art Abstracts, RILA, RRA, BHA, Art Bibliographies Modern etc.) as well as to find and assess specific web sites related to their topic.

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